Sightseeing transport

Would you like to have your transport as a day trip? No problem!


Sebastian Tours & Transport provides passenger transport to any destination with stops at certain points of interest on the way - Places such as castles, medieval ruins, abbeys or UNESCO sites are only waiting for you to explore them. And the best thing is that you decide what you’d like to see and we will customize the trip according to your wish!


On a couple of examples below we will show you how you could spice up your trip.
Remember, there’s always something to see between A and B. Don’t miss a thing!

Sightseeing transport 1

From Vienna to Český Krumlov via Durnstein, a little town in the wine region of the extensive Danube valley called Wachau. The whole Wachau valley is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site (optional wine tasting tour). On the way we can visit the famous abbey of Melk, then through lovely austrian countryside and right through to Czech republic. Another stop on the way could be a little village Rožmberk with a beautiful castle (optional castle visit) and then on to Český Krumlov to your hotel. Free time at all stops.See what you could be missing?

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Sightseeing transport 2

From Český Krumlov to Prague via Holašovice, a UNESCO protected village, then pass through the old town centre of České Budějovice - the regional capital (optional visit of the Budweiser brewery). Last stop could be the town of Hluboká with a fairytale castle (optional castle visit) and then to your destination - Prague. Free time at all stops.
Sounds inviting, doesn’t it?

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Individual pricing applies – depending on a number of passengers, stops and waiting times.

Discounts for groups available.


Do you have a list of places you’d like to see? Then give us a call and we will give you a price you won’t refuse... ;o)


What to expect...

We always give you suggestions and a helping hand; however, we do not offer guided tours. We realise that every person is individual and that is why we leave all the activities during the whole trip (e.g. guided castle tours, lunch etc.) up to your mood, taste and budget. At each location you will choose your free time that is long enough to manage what you want. You will feel independent and free and will get the chance to mix and mingle with the locals. We will provide you with manuals with descriptions of all the places we go.

Our aim is to help you discover as much as possible within the short time you have but still without any hustle.


Melk, baroque abbey
Rožmberk castle
Ceske Budejovice
České Budějovice
Hluboka 2
Hluboká castle